My experience with David Sexton and everybody on his team was nothing short of stellar. Working with him for my auto injury claim made my life IMMENSELY easier. Rather than stressing about medical bills, insurance adjusters, keeping records of documentation related to the claim, and collections agencies, David and his team allowed me to actually get back to living life after my auto accident. When I needed additional help in the city of the accident, David didn’t hesitate to put me in contact with someone who could further assist me. I always had someone I could call if any questions or scenarios came up, and more importantly, it felt like I had someone in my corner through the entire claim process. Get the right help. Look no further than these guys.
- Dakota L.

They handled my SSDI case and hearing. They answered my questions and were very professional throughout the entire time leading up to and including the hearing. Research said that 95% of first-time filings for disability with the SSA are denied. I would encourage anyone filing for disability to contact The Sexton Law Firm and David Sexton to get it done right, keep you informed, and follow up to make sure everything is going well. As a veteran of 12 years service to our great country, I can tell you that they don’t just give lip service to thanking us for our service, but you will not receive better and more timely service anywhere.
- James G.

I’m sending a big thank you to David Sexton! Navigating my way through the stages of the SS disability process was not a task I was equipped to take on alone. After my initial filing and subsequent denial, I made the wise decision of contacting The Sexton Law Firm to get the necessary legal representation I undoubtedly needed. David Sexton believed in my case and carried it, as he guided me through almost three years of the SSA’s bureaucratic maze. Throughout the process, and three denials, David, as well as Stephanie, Pam, and Tara, displayed a high level of knowledge, professionalism, and patience as they never failed to answer all of my questions and made sure I was fully prepared way ahead of time. They were always courteous and enthusiastic. David and his team won my case! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Sexton Law Firm to anyone who is considering applying for SSDI.
- Allen M.

Love these folks because of their very hard and professional work. They most definitely know their business. I would most definitely use them again if necessary. To me, Mr. Sexton and his staff are the top lawyers of Knoxville.
- Misty M.

Mr. Sexton and his staff were amazing in helping me with my son’s case. They helped with all the questions I had, returned calls very timely, and were there if I needed them. Awesome lawyer and staff.
- Iris S.

David did a wonderful job representing me in my disability case! He was always accessible and more than willing to talk with me, etc. He made sure I knew what to expect when we went before the judge.
Stephanie and Mandy were always very nice and helpful, too!!
- Shaunee W.

Normally, when dealing with the government the process of applying for disability, it can be time consuming and laborious. I was EXTREMELY fortunate to have chosen The Sexton Law Firm. From the first contact with David and his firm, I was walked through the process. I would recommend no one attempt applying without hiring an attorney since placing a claim for disability is a complicated process. David Sexton and his team practically held my hand through process of filling out paperwork, meeting deadlines, and requesting information from my physicians and medical facilities. The communication on the status of my claim was professional, very timely, and I was kept in the loop! You are not only dealing with an excellent law firm, but with one who cares about you as an individual. I would highly recommend David Sexton as YOUR attorney.
- Susan H.

His staff was awesome and so was he. He has a lot of patience with you. I would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a law firm. He helped me through the past three years of fighting to get my disability. He kept pushing and pushing until they finally gave me my disability this year.
- Debbie R.

I was very pleased with the Sexton Law Firm and the way Mr. David Sexton handled my case. Mr. Sexton is definitely a top-notch attorney. If I ever need an attorney again, I will be calling him. Anyone in need of an attorney should check out The Sexton Law Firm!
- Cindy B.

I was more than satisfied with my experience in using The Sexton Law Firm. The staff were always pleasant to me, and I was very grateful for Mr. Sexton walking me through the process and not providing false hope. We had a favorable outcome, and he was truly happy for me! That meant a lot to me personally, and I would recommend them to anyone. Regardless of the outcome, I would still recommend them and rate this as a pleasant experience with good people.
- Carlton J.

David has been working on a workers’ comp case for me! He’s amazing. I wouldn’t have chosen any other place but here! I’d recommend anyone whatever your case may be to go to this firm! He did what he said and got it done!
- Lizabeth R.

I really think Mr. Sexton and Mr. Wykoff and Megan are amazing. I would recommend them to anyone. Megan has been so amazing; we both helped each other so much. She is so wonderful; I wouldn’t trade her or the firm for any other firm. They kept me up to speed on everything and never left me out. Amazing just amazing people, even the receptionist was a sweetheart 🙂
- Michelle F.

Absolutely the B E S T law firm you can get; great people and such a pleasure to work with them. They made dealing with social security a breeze. I would recommend them to anyone trying to deal with SSA.
- John D.

Everyone in the office was great. Mr. Sexton explained what I needed to know when court came around. I made the right decision picking them.
- Tammy W.

I’m very happy with the incredible professionalism & compassion Mr. Sexton & his wonderful staff provided to me. I highly recommend this firm to anyone.
- Jenny P.

I really appreciate the job that David Sexton has done. A good job helping me with my disability case. His staff is awesome and very helpful. Thanks.
- Vickie M.

David Sexton, Taylor, and everyone in their office have been the greatest. They have stood my me through 3 years of fighting for my disability. They keep me informed and helped me get all my stuff together that I needed. If you need a good lawyer, please call them; you won’t disappointed.
- Nicole B.

I am very thankful for Mr. David Sexton, and he does a wonderful job. I would recommend all my friends and family to him.
- M. G.

They are a very nice law firm, and they did a great job for my son. I would recommend them to anyone I know.
- Greta H.

Everyone at The Sexton Law Firm is wonderful and is able to give great service to those who need their help!
- Dakota D.

First, I’d like to say how happy I was with The Sexton Law Firm, especially Tara. I know a little bit about the social security system and how it works as I went through it with Tara and Mr. Sexton. They were by my side the entire time, and in fact, Tara knows the names of my kids and wife because she cared to listen. Let me say this again, I give them 5 STARS, wish I could give them more. I have sent many clients their way and all have been very happy with their firm. Tara rocks!
- Mike H.

They helped with my disability. They reached out and worked well with my doctors and got me approved. They returned calls and were very helpful. Thank you so much, David Sexton.
- Kimberly B.

David is very knowledgeable in disability law. He did a great job helping me to understand process, etc., and always made himself accessible if I had questions or concerns. Highly recommend!!
- Shaunee W.

I was well pleased with the help I got from The Sexton Law Firm. I was unable to work full time because of side effects from cancer, and they helped me get disability. I definitely recommend them, and if needed for something, I would use again. I’m glad I decided to choose this firm.
- Elaine R.

Everyone at The Sexton Law Firm was very helpful and attentive. I used them for my SSDI. They also kept me updated on my case. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a lawyer.
- Valerie R.

I know if I refer a client to David, he will represent them well in social security, bankruptcy, and auto accident cases.
- Eric E.

David Sexton and his entire staff were fabulous! I was treated with kindness, caring, and integrity throughout my case. He got me through my appeal, and without his help, I wouldn’t have won my case. Thank God he was there for me all the way! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience and I highly recommend!
- Lora L.

Mr. David Sexton was very nice and very knowledgeable. Through my disability process, my questions were always answered in a timely manner, and I was treated with respect. My consultant, Tara, was always very helpful and answered all of my questions. Stephanie was also super nice and helped me with any issues. If you are applying for disability as I did, you should contact Mr. Sexton if you want a top-notch lawyer; you will not be disappointed. There is no way to navigate through this process on your own.
- Tommy E.

David Sexton is amazing!!! I would call, and he would get right back to me no matter what it was. No matter how little the question. Even if it was to reaffirm the same question I asked. His staff is always pleasant and helpful. He worked on my case and never gave up. Now I won. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. He makes you feel like a friend not just a client.
- Joanna H.

Mr. Sexton was very professional. I was kept up to date with my case as new information was obtained, as I was applying for Social Security Disability. I was turned down twice and had to attend a hearing on August 13, 2018. Mr. Sexton discussed my case with me and the hearing procedure. If I had tried to handle my case without representation, I don’t think I would have been approved. I am very grateful to The Sexton Law Firm.
- Karen N.

The Sexton Law Firm was extremely helpful to me, patient, polite and professional at all times. Tara helped work through the paperwork, explaining the timeline and what was required as soon as I was ready for the next step. Mr. Sexton knew the legal process and correct procedures. I’m definitely pleased with their work and grateful for their assistance. I’d work with them again.
- John H.

I could not have had a better experience with the legal system than I had with the team at The Sexton Law Firm! I worked mostly with Allie over the phone, and as a person whose job is to talk on the phone all day, it was extraordinarily refreshing how responsive and knowledgeable she was. Allie took something that was incredibly scary for me (I haven’t had a lot of positive experiences with the legal system or lawyers previously), and she made it easy and simple to understand. I could not recommend The Sexton Law Firm more highly, and I’m so glad I made the decision to work with them. I was hesitant after seeing some of the other reviews, but my experience was the complete opposite of what they were describing. They were literally a godsend. God bless.
- Gerrish

I wish I could give 10 stars. David Sexton won my case for me in 3 years’ time. Awesome job, y’all. They’ve kept in touch with me monthly. I really appreciate them and will recommend them to anyone I know who is trying to get their SSD or SSI. YAY, LORD. THANK Y’ALL SO MUCH.
- Brenda M.

The staff at the law firm was very knowledgeable. They were persistent in getting me help with a work comp injury claim. They were available to answer any questions I had. David and his associates were personally available when I needed help. I would highly recommend using this firm.
- Debbie H.

David Sexton and Megan, as well as the rest of the staff, have been great with my case. Keeping me informed as well as letting me know what to expect from my case. Always returning calls and just being friendly as well as empathetic. Highly recommended
- Kevin N.

David is very knowledgeable and cares about your case. Megan is awesome with prompt responses to all my emails and questions. You are advised what to expect, so you are prepared and are kept in the loop for your entire process. Highly recommend!
- Alison T.

He was absolutely the best. Did a great job keeping in touch with my fiancé the whole time. Stayed up to date on everything and was very professional with his job and efficient. Got him approved for his disability and thank you so much for helping George.
- Elaine H.

The best! Genuinely cares about your cases and the outcome. Resolved a personal injury and disability case in our favor. Great attorney and staff! Highly recommend.
- Samantha H.

The attorneys at The Sexton Law Firm were extremely professional and helpful. They resolved my case quickly and effectively. Many thanks.
- Eldon C.

David took on my case somewhere around February of this year after social security denied me. I have been denied many times. David even came to my house because I couldn’t get out. My case was appealed in March. We won the case in June. I would highly recommend The Sexton Law Firm. Thank you.
- Flora G.

Very nice. They were very helpful for my SSI case, and I would recommend them for disability cases as well as other things.
- Kevin P.

I worked with Allie and Mr. Sexton and had wonderful service; they helped me a lot. I recommend them to all of my friends. Great service.
- S. R.

These guys are the best. Very professional and really care about their clients. You cannot go wrong with them.
- Stephanie P.

David Sexton and Wayne Wykoff and associates are the most professional attorneys in East Tennessee. They are extremely good at what they do. I wouldn’t even consider using another law firm. These guys get 10 stars from me on a scale of 1 to 5.
- Paul O.

Did an outstanding job fighting the headless, responsibility-less monster that SSA has become. Getting my SSDI relieved what was becoming an unlivable financial situation.
- Logan V.

Highly recommend The Sexton Law Firm. They stay in contact with you and keep you updated on the process along the way. They treat you the way you want to be treated and make sure you are happy with the end results. You will definitely leave with a smile on your face from the first visit until the last visit.
- Michael C.

Everyone at The Sexton Law Firm was very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone who needs legal help.
- Courtney B.

The best! Genuinely cares about your cases and the outcome. Resolved a personal injury and disability case in our favor. Great attorney and staff! Highly recommend.
- Samantha H.

We can always depend on Dave and his group to be quick and professional. Thanks for all your help!
- Mandy F.

I’m so happy a friend referred me to The Sexton Law Firm. It has been a wonderful experience at a very difficult time in my life. The office staff is extremely kind and compassionate. Thank you so much!
- Jenny P.

I will happily recommend The Sexton Law Firm to anyone every chance I get! Had a great experience working with them on my mom’s behalf & was granted her disability thanks to their help! They also recently helped my cousin FINALLY get hers approved after years of denials & previous lawyers who couldn’t get it done! They deserve double the Thank You from my family!!
- Joyce H.

The Sexton Law Firm was very professional and helpful. I can’t thank them enough for all of their hard work. The Sexton team is the best in Knoxville hands down.
- Phyllis D.

Attorney George Evans was my SS hearing representative. I can’t say enough about how thorough, professional, patient, and knowledgeable he is. Attorney Evans’s people skills are awesome. He provided and gave personal attention to every detail concerning my situation. Attorney Evans is simply AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much to the entire Sexton Law firm and staff for providing professional and courteous service. Grateful.
- Eliza D.

The Sexton Law Firm helped me so much. They are kind, compassionate and professional. Bankruptcy is not a fun thing to go through. I was treated with respect and integrity. My legal assistant, Tara, was awesome. She was very thorough, patient, and kind. Stephanie, the receptionist, was as sweet as she could be, and Mr. Sexton was great. He even guided me by phone when I was lost in pouring rain downtown on my court day. I highly recommend this group!
- Julie S.

I had a great experience at The Sexton Law Firm! I really loved how well they connected with me. I mostly worked with David Sexton and Taylor, and they were great. Everything got done as quickly as possible, and they were always there to answer my questions. They helped me win my disability case, which has been an incredible blessing to me and my family. I would recommend them to anyone.
- Trey S.

Working with David Sexton and his staff was a pleasure to settle my case. I would recommend him to anyone and have. The staff is always friendly and courteous. David has a great personality but also a great knowledge about law and does his job professionally and worked hard to settle my case. He always kept me informed and up to date. Thank you, The Sexton Law Firm for making what could have been a difficult situation bad easy for me. 😊
- Abigail J.

I have never experienced more friendly people like I have at The Sexton Law Firm. My consultant, Ms. Tara, was very helpful with keeping up to date with my case. She has always been friendly and respectful to me. Even with the receptionists, they have been friendly, too. I would love to give this law firm an A+! Thank you and keep up the great work.
Sue L.

Needed representation for a work injury. David and Katie were a tremendous support in this process. I am convinced they are the reason my settlement was as good as it was. They are prompt in returning calls and effective in advocating for me. I highly recommend this firm for workers’ compensation claims.
- Rena Cl.

I would highly recommend this law firm. Mr. Sexton answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease. Even though I don’t know the results of my case yet, I would utilize his services for my future needs.
- Cheryl P.

I’m happy with the services I received from Mr. Sexton. He was personable and helped me through my court experience. If I need more help, I’ll go back to his firm. Thank you, Mr. Sexton.
- Tess W.

Made a special delivery to my favorite Attorney, David Sexton. He is Knoxville’s best attorney EVER!!
- Chanda T.

I’m writing this to say I am so grateful I went to David Sexton law firm, I’m not for sure whether I’ve even won my case yet, but I only have good things to say about the job he did for me!
- Kim S.

His staff was awesome and so was he. He has a lot of patience with you, and I would highly recommend The Sexton Law Firm to anyone who’s looking for a law firm. He is a great person!!!!
- Donald L.

Great people, very polite. The Sexton Law Firm was awesome. They won my case for me, and they never gave up. They also did everything possible. They kept in touch with me through email, phone, and text all the time, and I greatly thank them for everything. I would recommend them to all my friends and family.
- Kimberly G.

I had a great experience using The Sexton Law Firm for my case! The attorneys and office staff were very helpful! My family thanks all of you!!
- Erica G.

It was a pleasure working with David Sexton and the team he has on board. He fought diligently and never gave up on my case! He will fight to the end. Would highly recommend him to work on your behalf.
- Myra S.

Fantastic lawyers, phenomenal paralegal crew currently. Very prompt email replies; they keep you very current on your case. Wouldn’t go to anyone else!
- Kristina B.

I worked mostly with Alex over the phone and couldn’t be happier with the service I received. I highly recommend using this firm to apply for disability!
- Melani S.

Great attorneys who really care about their clients and get great results for people. Highly recommend.
- Leo E.

Very good experience. I was so nervous, and David reassured me. It was a lot easier than I thought. Thank you, all.
- Victoria K.

I would highly recommend David Sexton if anyone needs a social security disability lawyer. It’s a very long process, but he kept me in the loop every step of the process. He got me approved after being denied once, and he went to the hearing and got me 11 months back pay. Without him, I would be still in the process. The whole process took me 2 1/2 years and a very aggravating wait. Glad to have Mr. Sexton on my side.
- John M.

After suffering an accident, I found myself in a better situation with the help of David and his team. This firm works hard to ensure the best outcome for your situation.
- Willy M.

David Sexton was wonderful to have represent me in my SS disability claim. He took care of all matters and collecting everything that was needed to get me approved. Thank you again, David & Tara, for helping me so much and having me prepared to go to court.
- Sharon A.

My husband is disabled and needed to have an attorney to assist him in getting approved for SS disability. APPROVED! Mr. Sexton was wonderful and most of all very understanding on our personal situation. We would definitely use him again if needed. Thank you, The Sexton Law Firm!!!!!
- Kate P.

To be perfectly honest, my legal situation had me feeling helpless, and I didn’t know which way to turn. David and his team educated me on my options and gave me the assurance I needed to be able to deal with the situation. I highly recommend them to not only my friends but to anyone I meet needing a professional and effective lawyer. 5 stars.
- Brenda G.

At a very rough time in my life, I had to file bankruptcy. David Sexton and his paralegal, Katie White, helped me through it beautifully and most of all stress-free. All the other office staff in the Knoxville office, especially Stephanie, were very professional and caring when I called to ask any questions or had concerns. All were very supportive and so nice through this process, and I appreciate each of you so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Cissy N.

Mr. Sexton was wonderful. Our case was handled professionally and with compassion. Would recommend wholeheartedly.
- Margery Jo H.

They were all very nice and professional. If I got frustrated, they talked to me and fully answered my questions. Would recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance.
- Joann P.